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The Interest You Left Behind

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We all have subjects that particularly interest us, that capture our attention. It could be a skill, a hobby or just a topic you follow very closely. Try taking note of the articles that attract you online or in the newspaper and you’ll have your answer. Have you incorporated that interest into the …
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I Found My Career on Twitter

Twitter and Your Career

  A question I frequently hear from job-seekers at all stages is, “Why do I need to be on Twitter?” Twitter is a platform for interests of all kinds, and many users abuse its power by over-tweeting—so its value is sometimes misunderstood. But Twitter is an amazing career and job search tool, and …
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6 Ways to Be a Standout Summer Intern


Getting a summer internship is the first step; here’s how to make it count for your career.
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Looking for a Job With Meaning? Here Are Four Ways to Find It

Looking for a Job with Meaning

Are you a 20-something seeking work with meaning? Are you willing to trade great mentoring and a dynamic work environment for a lower salary? If that’s the case, you are trending with your generation. And while making less money is not to be treated lightly, research shows that people who feel personally fulfilled …
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Get That Summer Internship (Or Job) Now!

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You know how important it is to have internships during your college years. And if you haven’t already lined something up, there is still a bit of time—provided you’re not completely consumed with studying for finals at the expense of conducting a search! If you do these three things, at the very least, …
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Finding Your Career Should Be Messy

Finding a Career Should be Messy

I’m helping my son, a college sophomore, find a summer internship. I’ve mentioned before in these pages that I find college sophomores to be ideal clients. For one thing, they’re over the shock of the newness of college. With established friendships and some newfound maturity, life at school is a bit more predictable. …
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Why Getting Nervous Makes You Happier

Why Getting Nervous Makes You Happier

  You’ve been asked to make a presentation at work, or you’re a consultant who delivers speeches and workshops to generate interest in your work. You have some time to prepare—and you’re anxious. Depending on how you regard public speaking, you may be extremely nervous. And probably a bit excited, too. How can …
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But Should It Go on Your Resume?

But Should It Go on Your Resume

   You’ve heard it before: Ask 10 people to look at your resume and you’ll get 10 different opinions. So what’s a self-respecting job seeker in the throes of unemployment angst supposed to do? Here’s my advice for what to include in your resume to help you stand out: Summarize, Summarize, Summarize One …
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Make the Holiday Break Count: College to Career Checklist

Make the holiday break count

Whether you’re a college freshman or a junior, the holiday break is an important time to start planning for your summer internship. Banks and consulting firms do their internship hiring in January and February, but even if you’re interested in non-profit, government, start-ups or something non-traditional, now’s the time to get started. Here’s …
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Negotiating a Flexible Schedule? An Expert Shows You How

Equal Pay Negotiations

  I heard negotiation expert Katie Donovan interviewed for an 85 Broads webinar and thought my readers would benefit from her advice. Katie’s company, Equal Pay Negotiations, LLC, specializes in helping women negotiate for equal pay, benefits and promotions and Katie frequently addresses the topic of flexible schedules. Following is my Q&A with …
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