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Zeal. Experience. Diligence.

About Allison…

I’m a career advisor in NYC helping millennials and established executives discover, launch, develop and change their careers.

I’m a marketer with a background in executive search, new business development, and cross-cultural communication. I co-founded an early stage digital platform and I’ve consulted for two education technology startups.

Since 2005, I’ve been a hands-on partner to hundreds of clients, providing a completely personalized program to harness their skills and interests while positioning and marketing them for the right opportunities.

I help millennials and Gen Z’s link their interests, education and experiences to the right career path and develop their networking, outreach and interviewing skills, while lining them up for the right jobs.

I help mid-career clients establish career and life goals, assess options, develop their narrative and make their next move, such as a new job, a new business, or a patchwork career.

I love a good career discovery conversation, so you’ll find me blogging at Career Connector, or delivering workshops in the New York area.


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I always meet prospective clients before an engagement to make sure there’s a good fit. I can work in person, or over Skype or Facetime; I’ve done all successfully. So don’t let distance deter you!




Why I Do What I Do



Allison Farber Cheston

I’ve always had a fascination with people’s careers and a knack for getting hired. Early in my career I developed and honed highly successful job search techniques that landed me interviews and job offers.

Combining my cross-cultural and language background with my aptitude for marketing and promotion, I had a long and fulfilling marketing and branding career. Finally, as head of marketing for the executive search trade association, I learned about a wide variety of career paths and the employer requirements that candidates struggled so mightily to meet.

The lightbulb went on: Why not apply my marketing know-how and success in career discovery and job search to convert candidates into differentiated, employer-ready job seekers with killer outreach and interviewing skills? And so I became a career advisor.


Certificate in Adult Career Planning
MA in International Education

BA in International Relations & Romance Languages

Myers-Briggs, SkillScan & CareerLeader