Allison Cheston, Career Connector


It’s not just a job-
it’s personal.


How We’ll Work Together



If you’re in college or a recent grad, I’ll help you focus on a career that suits your unique skills and abilities.

Through our intensive sessions you will:

  • Connect your interests, skills and background with a compelling career path.

  • Become a strategic networker – and enjoy the process.

  • Create a smartly branded resume, cover letter, elevator pitch and LinkedIn profile.

  • Develop a themed narrative and practice presenting it effectively through mock interviews.

  • Enhance your negotiating skills to command what you’re worth.

  • Confidently launch the career that’s a great fit for you.



Just because you’ve spent years working in a particular role or sector doesn’t mean that’s the end of your story.

You may have taken a first job without a plan and done well without thinking too much about whether the work was right for you. Your priorities may have changed. Or you may simply be curious to explore what else is out there.

Once we’ve identified what makes you stand out for the right target audience, we’ll develop a marketing plan for packaging and promoting you in all the right channels. 

Then we’ll take you to market, whether that means helping you find the right role and organization, empowering you to pursue a leadership position within your current company or, if you’re an entrepreneur, helping you launch your product or service.



We’ll undergo an assessment of your current job and opportunities within and outside your company.

I’ll guide you through a process to uncover your brand — the essence of what you do best — and effectively articulate your story for new roles and organizations that would benefit from hiring you. I believe it’s important to reassess your career every few years, to be sure that the sector, role and organization you chose are still right for you. Today the landscape shifts so quickly that you can suddenly find that the path you thought held so much promise is now in decline.

Once we’ve packaged you for the right target audience, we’ll develop a marketing plan to get the word out.


telling your story

You are your story. Are you good at telling it? Your story is the foundation of every interview, and while it’s the underpinning of all my work, I also offer a smaller package for clients who want interview prep alone.

We’ll go through a process to uncover your brand— the essence of what you do best—and effectively articulate who you are and what you offer, for whatever type of change you’re making: a job search, changing course, moving up, or finally testing out that idea for a business.

We’ll delve into your skill stories and discuss how to weave the narrative of your achievements into the interview. We’ll work on telling your stories in a way that boosts your confidence - so you actually enjoy going through the interview process.

For Parents

How I Work

If your young adult is still in school, or is a recent college grad, let’s have a short call so I can get your take and share my recommended process.

I’d then like to have a call with your child, to make sure the chemistry is right and that they’re motivated to work hard and will approach assignments with enthusiasm and humility, and that you will trust the process and me. I am undertaking an autonomous, confidential relationship with your offspring, so please understand that I don’t give progress reports.

I do have a direct style and strong opinions, and if that’s not your thing (or theirs), I may not be the right fit. That’s why I always like to have a frank discussion before we start an engagement. After we speak I’ll write a detailed proposal.