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Pinching Herself


I had lunch with a colleague yesterday, a woman named Suzanne Zemke, whom I met through coaching. Having worked in big corporations for most of her career, Suzanne was given the “gift” of a layoff several months ago. Instead of going back to the same type of job with the requisite steady paycheck, she decided to take a risk.

Now this is someone who is very organized about everything in her life. So, she has done a budget to plan how much she will spend in a year, and has saved enough to cover her expenses while she checks things out a bit. She’s decided to become a management coach. And it turns out, she’s an excellent one. Within a few months she has created a plan, built a website, put together a seminar and has a small stable of clients. She has analyzed how many clients and seminars she needs to have each year to make enough money to support her lifestyle. She is flying.

She said to me over lunch that she never imagined, while toiling away at big companies over the years, that she could create the kind of life for herself she is now in the process of creating. She described the feeling of leading a coaching session and being in that perfect state of flow–like when she got to a certain point of her training for the marathon. She jumped off a cliff, and she feels amazing. So can any of us. It’s all about creating and executing a plan that makes sense, one that enables you to take the risk, but limit any negative fallout. I would love to hear your cliff story, if you’d like to share it with other readers.