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Going Back to Work: The Thrill


A friend of mine just went back to work after having spent many years doing lots of other things: raising multiple children, consulting, contributing as a board member to her pet causes. She is a person of great energies and interests and always felt that when the time was right, she’d return to full-time work. Her main concern was that she had so many responsibilities outside of work that ultimately she would be derailed. Or go crazy.

Because this friend is someone who knows everyone and keeps up with her giant rolodex, opportunities have been coming at her for years. But earlier this year, she got a call about a job that seemed tailor-made for her. Plus it offered some flexibility. To make a long story short, after a great many interviews and lots of hand-wringing and soul-searching, she took the job. And the interesting thing is that she reported to me the other day that she actually feels she is more productive, happier and even calmer, than she was before.

She attributes this to a couple of things which I want to share with you. First of all, the fact that she is now employed in her dream job means that she no longer spends the emotional energy worrying, fretting and feeling guilty about putting the fulfilling her potential piece on hold. The other thing she reports is that she is amazed at how helpful her family has been. They understand she’s working and they are pitching in–much more than previously. They were all supportive of her taking this job and they are stepping up to the plate.

The third thing she says is that she now has a space to call her own where she can do her work, return calls, pay bills, all under a work umbrella. She feels she is more efficient and generally happier. And she’s working four days per week, very close to where she lives.

Now I realize she’s in the honeymoon period. But even if during her tenure with her new organization she regularly gets 50% of these benefits, it’s still a good tradeoff. And don’t forget, she’s getting paid too. If this is motivating to you, it should be. Even in a down economy, there are jobs that can be adjusted to meet your particular situation. It’s up to you to package your credentials and advocate for yourself. Let me know if you need help!