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Tell Me About Yourself: Talk Your Skills Up in an Interview

Most interviews are in a behavioral format, meaning the interviewer not only wants you to share that you have a particular skill, they want to hear about how you used that skill in past jobs. Practicing your skill story ahead of time will allow you to share it strategically, building it seamlessly into The Story of YOU.

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Going Back to Work: The Thrill

A friend of mine just went back to work after having spent many years doing lots of other things: raising multiple children, consulting, contributing as a board member to her pet causes. She is a person of great energies and interests and always felt that when the time was right, she’d return to full-time work. Her main concern was that she had so many responsibilities outside of work that ultimately she would be derailed. Or go crazy.

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Nexxt Phase

Yesterday I attended a lunch given by a group called Nexxt Phase: a networking community of women looking to get back into the workforce after a hiatus. The group represents an elite Manhattan community of accomplished, polished, well-off women — all of whom have decided it’s time to do something in addition to raising kids and doing volunteer work.

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