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Want a Mentor? Don’t Make these Rookie Mistakes

I was listening to one of Tim Ferriss’s excellent podcasts the other day, and he made the comment that the best way to guarantee someone won’t mentor you is to ask them directly to be your mentor.

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Anxiety and Your Job Search: Getting the Treatment You Need

A client of mine, an engineer with a PhD from a top school, had an easy time getting interviews. But during every meeting he became nervous and hesitant, stuttering and sweating as he was asked to respond to the most basic interview questions.

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The Interest You Left Behind

We all have subjects that particularly interest us, that capture our attention. It could be a skill, a hobby or just a topic you follow very closely. Try taking note of the articles that attract you online or in the newspaper and you’ll have your answer. Have you incorporated that interest into the job you have today?

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Looking for a Job With Meaning? Here Are Four Ways to Find It

Are you a 20-something seeking work with meaning? Are you willing to trade great mentoring and a dynamic work environment for a lower salary? If that’s the case, you are trending with your generation. And while making less money is not to be treated lightly, research shows that people who feel personally fulfilled at work are happier than those who work exclusively for the money.

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Why Getting Nervous Makes You Happier

You’ve been asked to make a presentation at work, or you’re a consultant who delivers speeches and workshops to generate interest in your work. You have some time to prepare—and you’re anxious. Depending on how you regard public speaking, you may be extremely nervous. And probably a bit excited, too. How can you best use your anxiety to your advantage?

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But Should It Go on Your Resume?

 You’ve heard it before: Ask 10 people to look at your resume and you’ll get 10 different opinions. So what’s a self-respecting job seeker in the throes of unemployment angst supposed to do?

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Negotiating a Flexible Schedule? An Expert Shows You How

I heard negotiation expert Katie Donovan interviewed for an 85 Broads webinar and thought my readers would benefit from her advice. Katie’s company, Equal Pay Negotiations, LLC, specializes in helping women negotiate for equal pay, benefits and promotions and Katie frequently addresses the topic of flexible schedules. Following is my Q&A with Katie on this important topic.

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Best Posts of the Week for Job-Seekers: October 14th

Each week I’ll feature three posts offering particularly good counsel for those early in their careers. Send along your favorites for consideration.

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Find the Job that Brings Out the Best in You

Job search is a lot like dating—the more work you do at the front end to understand both yourself and your fit in the marketplace, the better the opportunities that will come your way.

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How to Reinvigorate Your Career This Fall

For many people September presents a fresh start—like going back to school, it’s a time of renewed motivation and enthusiasm. Three things that help me get restarted are writing,  taking a course and attending a conference  especially in person. There’s nothing more inspiring than being in a shared interest group, with a lot of great speakers. And classes offer unlimited opportunities to network in a friendly setting.

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Look Ahead in Your Job Hunt, Not Behind You

In a tough economy, I often hear job-seekers worry about “the competition” – with so many people looking for jobs, it’s harder to be the chosen one. I believe that your biggest competition is yourself—the fear that goes on inside your head, the lack of confidence that stops you from doing your best work — promoting yourself for the qualities you bring to the table.

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Yes, Your Grammar Matters to Your Career

I loved the recent blog post by a tech CEO who says he won’t hire people who have bad grammar. As they say, you only have one chance to make a first impression, and those impressions are what count when you’re hunting for a job.

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LinkedIn Lessons: How to Stand Out and Level the Playing Field

This is a guest post by HR consultant Judy Lindenberger on one of my favorite topics: standing out on LinkedIn.

I love LinkedIn. It’s one of the best networking tools out there to help you expand your reach. It’s “Six Degrees of Kevin Bacon” for the business world. But it can be a big, foreign maze. To stand out in the LinkedIn crowd, here are ten quick tips:

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