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Narrow or Wide? The Job-seeker’s Dilemma


It’s called niche marketing, my friends, and it works. Who would you rather hire, the guy who says he is “open to anything” or the one who has deep experience in the specific area for which you’re hiring?

I’ll let you decide.

In this incredibly tight market you do not want to be the flexible job-seeker, you want to be the uniquely qualified one. If you’re not, it is unlikely you will be able to distinguish yourself, and you will not get the job.

So think about what you do differently, and better, than anyone else you know – your unique selling proposition, or USP. Put together a resume and cover letter that clearly states, in every position, how you developed and utilized that special skill. And find the organization (s) that are looking for just that skill set. Try it and let me know what happens!