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When Facebook Beats LinkedIn


You may have heard me wax poetic about LinkedIn, for career developers, as well as job seekers. But there’s one area where Facebook has it beat, and that’s when it comes to wanting to connect with a specific group of people on a particular topic.

I recently created a Facebook group for those I’m interviewing for my new consulting practice, curriculum and book, In the Driver’s Seat: Work-Life Navigation Skills for Young Adults.

Now I really wanted to use LinkedIn, but the features weren’t there. Besides, I spent a lot of time trying to convince my interviewees that they should have a great LinkedIn profile—and they still need to—but for networking under my umbrella, Facebook was the thing.

People are introducing themselves, and I plan to make introductions based on the interviews I’ve conducted. I’ll also share career advice relevant to this particular group: college educated adults up to age 30.

Now I’m spending a lot of time reminding them to remove the inappropriate photos…