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The Loneliness of the Hard-Working Blogger


I feel I’ve been remiss in not contributing to my own blog since I started blogging for The Examiner.

I’ve been hard at work, blogging away,  because I thought it would help my career. So as soon as my application was accepted I started poring over the material on how to promote my pages, how to write short pieces that would be easily searchable on Google, how to add photos…

And still, after a couple of weeks, my traffic has provided me a whopping $3.68 to show for it. Not that I was expecting this to be a meal ticket, don’t get me wrong. But I don’t feel like things are really improving, which is frustrating.

I often counsel clients to start a blog when they’re trying to change their careers. It makes for interesting reading and could get you noticed by prospective employers.

But after having now had two forays into bloggerdom, I will say that I am not sure it’s really worth the time. Unless you really like to write, which I do.

Who knows, maybe these posts will all amount to a book one day. At the very least, they represent a good repository of my thinking on a variety of career issues and clients have told me they’ve been helpful. But writing in a vacuum is a lonely business.

I’d really like to hear about your experiences with blogging, if you’d care to share. Because from what I can tell, blogging is not actually the interactive experience it’s been reputed to be. Which makes it tough, if you’re in it for the dialogue.