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Are You Begging or Offering?


A client of mine and an avid reader of my blog told me during our session today that one of the most valuable pieces of advice I’ve provided him is that when you ask people for help with your job search, you’re not begging.

I thought that was pretty interesting. Because in all my job search years, on every side of the desk (as job-seeker, employer and career advisor), I always thought that job hunting was a two-way street.

It is a key principle that when you approach someone in the context of your job search, you are providing something valuable. Whatever special combination of skills, aptitudes, interests and values you provide, it is ultimately what you get paid for. And you should only allow the right employer to partake.

So does that mean you should be arrogant during your job search? Of course not. But it is important to show a quiet confidence, a certainty that you have what it takes to exceed expectations and that they would be lucky to have you.

I can assure you that if you conduct your job search with that attitude, you will not only have choices but you will get paid more. Because employers want to be associated with winners.

Behind every winner is the ability to identify and project his/her USP: unique selling proposition. This is what makes you better than anyone else at doing what you do. 

So spend the time, and I would suggest enlist the help, in discovering what your USP is, if you don’t already  know. It will make the difference between begging and offering.