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5 Things College Seniors Can Do to Secure That Post-Grad Job

Today my clients include five college seniors I’m helping to secure a post-graduate job. While they have been doing all the right things since January, it is taking time to get responses. For all you college seniors out there, here’s the advice I’m sharing with my clients in real time:

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What Can Informational Interviews Do For Me?

Over the years there’s been loads written about the value of “informational interviews,” the meetings you, the job-seeker, procure to find out more about an organization you’re interested in, while sort of pretending you’re not actually interested in a job there. These “interviews,” constitute a tricky dance between candidates and prospective employers, prompting many candidates to just throw in the towel and avoid them altogether. But that’s a mistake.

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Why Email Isn’t “Just for Old People”

Millenials are not good about responding to email and that is bad news for their careers. While email doesn’t have the immediacy associated with texting, IM, or Google Chat, there are some important rules associated with email that should not be ignored.

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