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Five Things to Do in College to Set You Up for a Great Career

There is an argument raging in this country right now about whether it is the duty of colleges and universities to make young people job-ready. Traditionalists argue that colleges should teach students how to think and help them develop a strong knowledge base, and that career preparation is the purview of career centers and employers. Many others, including President Obama, feel that colleges should take more responsibility for their graduates’ ability to get jobs. They argue that an ivory tower attitude doesn’t work anymore, given the cost of a college education today.

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Look Ahead in Your Job Hunt, Not Behind You

In a tough economy, I often hear job-seekers worry about “the competition” – with so many people looking for jobs, it’s harder to be the chosen one. I believe that your biggest competition is yourself—the fear that goes on inside your head, the lack of confidence that stops you from doing your best work — promoting yourself for the qualities you bring to the table.

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Internship or Job: Is One Better than the Other?

Like me you may have a child in late high school or college, or perhaps you’re a young adult reading this yourself. In either case, you may find yourself debating whether it’s better to find an internship or a job. Most of you will already have set plans for the summer, but this consideration is also relevant during the year. As you move closer to college graduation and a “real job”, it’s important to consider the impact of each.

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