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Negotiating a Flexible Schedule? An Expert Shows You How

I heard negotiation expert Katie Donovan interviewed for an 85 Broads webinar and thought my readers would benefit from her advice. Katie’s company, Equal Pay Negotiations, LLC, specializes in helping women negotiate for equal pay, benefits and promotions and Katie frequently addresses the topic of flexible schedules. Following is my Q&A with Katie on this important topic.

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Stop Applying to Jobs Online and Other Career Advice

I love to get good questions from readers and share my answers in a post. Here’s one that addresses a few important issues:

Hi Allison,

I just read one of your articles on Forbes about how to job search on LinkedIn. I’m a twenty-something currently looking for an entry level job in NYC in the TV business.

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Best Posts of the Week for Job-Seekers: 9.30.13

Each week I’ll feature three posts offering particularly good counsel for those early in their careers. Send along your favorites for consideration.

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New Grads: Yes, You Can Get a Job!

Many of my clients are seniors in college and awaiting May graduation with some dread. The reason? They haven’t been focused on career; instead, they’ve had their heads down, working away at school to produce good grades. Yes, they’ve discussed the idea of a career and a job ad infinitum, late into the night with their friends—but unfortunately that’s a far cry from actually taking concrete steps to figure out what they want to do and where they want to do it.

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Internships Really Do Lead to Full-Time Jobs: One Intern’s Story

Everyone knows how valuable internships are to long-term career planning and ideation. Employers are reluctant to hire college grads who haven’t had work experience because by graduation time, the majority of students have had at least one internship.

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