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Get to Work

Lately I’ve been attending plenty of conferences, but not blogging as I should. Since I last wrote there was the IACPR conference where one of the panel discussions included a VP of HR for a major investment bank claiming that they couldn’t find enough women interested in their re-entry program. Turns out the program welcomes women of all financial services stripes — not only alumnae of that particular firm. Well, this is interesting. Name brand banks and consulting firms, among others, are welcoming back women to work on a project basis or on flexible schedules. The reason? We’re in a Talent Shortage.

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Executive Mobility 2007

According to Marci Alboher ( I am a career slash: In addition to being a career consultant I am head of marketing for the global trade association for executive search. The career work I do is typically focused on women in mid-life who are struggling to either a) get back to work after a hiatus to raise kids, or b) are simply looking for more meaning and connectedness from work and life.

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